United Chemical Reaction Engineering

    United Chemical Reaction Engineering Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as with United Institute) in October 1983 by the state education commission and China petroleum chemical industry Co. approve incorporation, from Zhejiang University, East China University Of Science And Technology and China Petroleum Chemical Industry Co., 1985 Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Design Institute to join with. At present , the internal structure consists of Zhejiang University substation, East China University Of Science And Technology substation, Design Department Of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industrial Design Institute, the department of science and technology of China Petroleum Chemical Industry Co. and the editorial department of chemical reaction engineering and process, setting up a joint management committee.The scientific research work leader and manage by the science and technology department of China Petroleum Chemical Industry Co. . United Institute and China Petroleum And Chemical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as stock company) was born in the same year. The birth of United Institute is embodiments of a new stage of the combination of the higher education of the scientific research work and national economic development, and is the outcome of the combination of scientific research ,design and production. The scientific research work of United Institute sees "application technology reflect major, academic research based on the front, achievements strive for innovation" as the total target. At present, United Institute sets four laboratories of the reaction process development, chemical equipment, environmental and chemical engineering and polymer processing.The key laboratory and United Institute are made important achievements in respect of major national engineering research project, Industrial reaction process development, application basic study,the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, scientific research team construction, domestic and foreign academic exchange and technology cooperation, high-level talents training and construction and management of laboratory and so on.