Ling Zhao

LING ZHAO Ph.D., Professor

School of Chemical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology


Address: 369# mailbox, East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), 130 Meilong Rd., Shanghai 200237

Office Phone: +86-21-64253175




Eduction Qualifications:

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, ECUST (1999)

M.S.,Chemical Engineering, ECUST(1993)

B.S., Chemical Engineering, ECUST(1990)



2017.03-date, Changjiang scholar Professor, School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Xinjiang University

2004.09-date, ProfessorSchool of Chemical Engineering, ECUST;

2015.11-2017.05, Professor & Dean of school of chemical engineering & Director of UNILAB of Chemical Reaction Engineering, ECUST;

2007.06, Visitor Professor, Polytech’Lille, USTL, France;

2006.10-2015.10, Professor &Vice dean of school of chemical engineering & Director of UNILAB of Chemical Reaction Engineering, ECUST;

2001.11-2003.03, Postdoc, Honorary Research Fellow & Royal Society KC Wong Fellowship, Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK;

1999.10-2001.11, Associate professor, UNILAB of Chemical Reaction Engineering, ECUST;

1995.8-1999.10, Lecturer, UNILAB of Chemical Reaction Engineering, ECUST;

1993.7-1995.3, Research Staff, UNILAB of Chemical Reaction Engineering, ECUST,



Field of specialization: Multiphase Reaction and Transfer

● R&D of Industrial Reaction Process and Reactor

Involving melt polycondensation process and high viscous polymerization reactor, liquid oxidation process and multi-phase reactors, modeling and simulation of industrial reaction process etc. Studying the transfer characteristic and reaction kinetics of industrial process; enhancing heat and mass transfer to optimize the performance of industrial reactor.

● Supercritical Fluids Aided Polymer Processing

Involving interaction between polymer and supercritical CO2; polymer foaming and polymer modification in supercritical CO2 etc. Including investigation of the fundamental properties of polymer/CO2 systems such as solubility and diffusivity of CO2 in the polymer, polymer crystallization under high pressure CO2, interfacial tension between polymer and gas, and the rheology of polymer/CO2 solution. Based on these properties, a variety of foaming strategies was deigned for different cell structures i.e. sandwich structure and bimodal structure. Furthermore, some industrial foaming process including foam-injection molding and extrusion foaming were also investigated to advance the foam application.


Awards & Honors

Changjiang Scholar Award, 2016

Scientic Elites of Shanghai, 2015

Shanghai Excellent Technical Leader, 2014

New Century Excellent Talent in Universities, Ministry of Education, 2009

Shanghai Shuguang scholars, 2008

K.C. Wong Fellowship, 2002


Hou Debang Chemical Award in Science and Technology of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC), 2017

Innovation Award for Industry-University-Research Cooperation of China, 2016

Outstanding Patent Award of China, 2015

The First Prize, Technological Invention Award of Shanghai, 2014

The Second Prize, National Progress Award in Science and Technology, 2011

The First Prize, Progress Award in Science and Technology of Sinopec Group, 2005

The First Prize, Progress Award in Science and Technology of Sinopec Group, 2001


Service to Community

· Editorial Board Member of Journal of Cellular Plastics

· Editorial Board Member of The Chinese Journal of Process Engineering

· Editorial Board Member of Petrochemical Technology(China) 

· Editorial Board Member of Chemical Reaction Engineering and Technology (China)

· Editorial Board Member of Journal of East China University of Science and Technology

· Deputy Director of Agitation and Mixing division inChemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC)

· Director of Chemical Engineering division in Chemistry and Chemical Industry Society of Shanghai

· Member of AIChE

  Selected papers:

Ling Zhao, Tian Xia, Zhenhao Xi, Tao Liu, Chapter 3 in POLYMERIC FOAMS: Innovations in Processes, Technologies, and Products, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016.8

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