Institute of Petroleum Processing

1. Introduction

    Institute of Petroleum Processing was founded in 1986 whose predecessor was the oil refining teaching and research group. The major research field is the efficient and clean use of oil resources. The institute now has five groups: heavy oil processing lab, oil reaction engineering lab, comprehensive research lab for the development of oil, oil separation engineering lab and oil chemistry and technology lab.
    Institute of Petroleum Processing in East China University of Technology is a research organization based on petroleum refining and petrochemical technology and to assume a large number of undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students to develop research work. Moreover, the institute has a great cooperation with international petrol company.
 2. Research field
(1) Oil clean fuel processing technology
    Process and engineering aspects of in-depth analysis of the key points of processing technology, production of clean gasoline and diesel fuel desulfurization technology, high-octane gasoline component production technology and the development of new catalysts to reduce FCC gasoline olefin, the optimization of process conditions of operation.
(2) Oil and gas storage and transportation engineering
    New technology development and research for oil and natural gas in storage, transportation and related products processing.
(3) Kinetic Model of Petroleum Processing
    Through the raw material composition, structure, properties and reaction mechanism of the in-depth study, carry out oil processing complex reaction kinetic model and the lumped kinetic model of molecular-scale.
(4) The deep processing technology of oil
    The refining process combination technology of residual oil and asphalt processing modification techniques, rational use of petroleum hydrocarbon composition and processing techniques.
(5) Petroleum products and petroleum processing aids research
    The research and development of special oil and paraffin.
(6) Catalysts and the development of catalyst technology

    Petroleum processing and petrochemical catalyst development, research and development of green catalyst production process.