Large-scale Industrial Reactor Engineering Center

    Large-scale industrial reactor engineering center focused on the study of large petrochemical, coal chemical, bio-chemical process. There has accumulated a wealth of application-based and practical experience for the large chemical fixed bed reactor, moving bed reactors, multiphase reactor, the reactor fluid viscosity, flow bed reactor, the process of strengthening the coupling reactor, bioreactor development, amplification, and simulation and optimization, digital design, automation, special processing methods.

    Especially in the past few years, successfully developed many sets of large and extra large petrochemical installations, including typical (12 tons / year) polyester, (20 tons / year) styrene, (45 tons / year) ethylene oxide, (50 tons / year) of methanol, ethylene glycol, diethyl carbonate set of technologies, comprehensive utilization of resources in salt lake, coal gasification, power plants and other large industrial reactor desulfurization technology.

    The center has achieved some international advanced level of research, for example, 21 national, provincial and ministerial level scientific awards (including six National Science and Technology Progress Award), more than 60 national invention patents (which has authorized 32 items, open 7), 6 authorized national software copyright registrations. Moreover, the center creates hundreds of millions of Yuan for the enterprises each year which enjoys a high reputation in China.